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Men Accessories

Accessories Finish the Outfit Right!

Our accessories are a perfect match for your wardrobe.  We have everything from bow ties to dress shoes and everything in-between.  Need a great gift for the man in your life?  Check out our line of slippers, scarves, jackets and cardigans.

A sports coat is a traditional staple of men’s clothing. Invest in a few colors that bring together outfits. By choosing colors you wear most often, you can be sure to always be in style. One of the best qualities of a men’s sports coat or blazer is it’s flexibility with the wardrobe you already have.
Layer a shirt and sweater with a pair of khakis for an updated business casual look. Choose a dress shirt, silk tie and wool trousers for an attractive business dress look. Update your closet with sports coats and blazers in colors from camel to black. Clothing with variety of patterns and textures will immediately change your look. This dressing trick is true for any season or occasion.

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